Hi! Below are my 3 standard wedding packages but as we all know, no wedding is quite like the other! All weddings include a custom password-protected online gallery of your photos for downloading and/or print products ordering.

Inquire here and let's set a date to chat about your day!


You need the basics; kick ass photos and not quite a full day of shooting. 6 hours of coverage.

$2500 (plus tax)


Full-day coverage with two photographers covering Bride & Groom prep, Portraits & Groups, Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception.

$3100 (plus tax)


One Engagement Session. Full wedding day coverage with two-photographers and an assistant covering from Bride & Groom prep to the last dance & beyond and a beautiful 10x10" leather-bound photo album (many additional options and sizes available as well).

$3,850 (plus tax)


Where are you based and do you travel?

Anywhere! I've shot all over the US and other parts of the world. I'm generally an East Coast Tri-State photographer however.

How do you work?

My style is journalistic. I look for moments and try capture the day is it comes. This isn't to say I never pose. During formals I absolutely pose. For portraits I typically try to create a natural feeling of how the couple already is with each other without anyone there. I try to fill that space with laughter and emotion vs. strict posing and manipulation. I will offer hints and subtle changes here and there but I want the wedding to be YOU; capturing that real tangible love is what makes this so great.

I prefer to be a source of calm and fun, rather than a source of anxiety. I try to solve problems that crop up without you knowing, if at all possible. Wedding days never go completely without a hitch. They are an awesome mix of a zillion things that somehow always create a small slice of perfect. It's funny like that.

Every wedding is absolutely different however. I'd love to chat about why yours is nothing like any one I've shot before.

When will we get our photos & how many will we receive?

Every wedding is unique and in part determines the ultimate number of photos you receive. However, on a typical 8-12 hour day I deliver about 700-1200 images. I cull out the misses, bad exposures, blinks, etc... The images you receive tell the story I love telling!

The final gallery is generally delivered in 3-6 weeks. The time varies depending on how many weddings I am currently working on at the time. I work as fast as I possibly can while keeping the quality of work at the same high level I keep for myself.

Do you backup our images?

YES!!! All of my cameras shoot on two cards at once. One card is only for backup. So, every shot I take is immediately backed up. As soon as I return home I copy the cards over to two different hard drives. I also use cloud services to have a third, off-site backup as well. Also, your final print-ready images are available for a year in the password protected gallery I set up for you!

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